Drying equipment
ZPG vacuum rake dryer LPG Series High-Speed Centrifugal…… ZLPG family medicine extract Spray Dryer
YPG Series Pressure spray drying…… HG series dryer drum scraper HZG series rotary drum dryer
KJG Hollow Paddle Dryer QG, FG, GFF, JG series air dryer
Granulation equipment
FL boiling granulating dryer type BZJ Series Centrifugal Granulator/Coater GSL Series High-Speed Mixing Granulator
YK160 Series Swing Granulator KZL Series High Speed Grinding Granulator
Mixing Equipment
WH Series double helix cone mixer WLDH Horizontal Ribbon Mixer SYH series three-dimensional ……
VHJ Series Mixer EYH Series Two Dimensional Mixer Model VI series forced stirring mixer
DSH Series Double-screw Conical Mixer CH Series Trough Mixer WLDH Series Horizontal Ribbon Mixer
Crushing and other equipment
FS series square sieve ZS series vibration sieve CSJ Series Coarse Crusher
GFSJ Series Efficient Mill 30B-type universal grinder (group) WF-30B herbal high mill group
WFJ series micro grinder JRF Series Coal Stove RLY Series Oil, Gas stove
MC series pulse dust filter cloth tube ZSL series of vacuum conveyors ZLD vacuum freeze-drying machine
    Conical Vacuum Series
    Mesh-Belt Series
    fluidized bed Series
    Spray atomization Series
    Airstream Series
    Hollow Blade Series
    Continual Plate Series
     Changzhou Zhongsheng Drying Device Co., Ltd, a key enterprise in drying industry in China, is located in Jiaoxi, Changzhou, with convenient transportation, close to Shanghai-Nanjing railway. Our company was established in 2000, now we have 50 engineers and technicians.
     Our products are well used in Asian, European and American markets. We have 5 series of products in drying, mixing, concentrating, granulating and……【more】
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